Sports Injuries

Chiropractor for Sports Injuries Treatment and Relief

Sports InjuriesSports injuries are one of the top reasons people seek chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatments for sports injuries can help athletes to rehabilitate the injury faster.  Physical therapy to help restore mobility, spinal adjustments to help the muscles and ligaments, plus guidance and information on how to reduce the risk of future injury.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms

Many athletes will suffer some sort of sports injury, regardless of the type of sport they play.  Some injuries can be difficult for conventional medicine to treat, or there may be underlying problems with misalignment or nerves. These are the areas where chiropractic care can have a great positive impact for the athlete.

Dr. Pettis uses state-of-the-art technology, including digital x-ray, to help diagnose the cause of the problem.  After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Pettis can determine whether or not chiropractic care would be beneficial. To find out if chiropractic can help, contact our office for a free consultation with Dr. Pettis.


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