Most Common Chiropractic Treatments

Back Pain

Back Pain
It is important to address the cause of the back pain and not merely the symptoms. Dr. Pettis uses state-of-the-art technology, including digital x-ray, to help diagnose the cause of the problem.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain
If you are experiencing pain or chronic muscle tension in your neck, you should have it evaluated.  Untreated joint dysfunction can cause muscle shortening and increased wear and tear in your neck joints.

Foot Pain

Foot Pain
Did you know that chiropractors can help treat your foot problems?  Dr. Pettis uses a 5 point check to determine if chiropractic care would be beneficial treatment for your foot conditions.

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Eagan Chiropractic Care

Dr. Pettis has been serving the Eagan, MN and greater Twin Cities metro as a  licensed chiropractor since 2004.  Specializing in chiropractic care with health and wellness, you’ll receive individual attention and an approach that provides relief.  If you are looking for relief from chronic pain, treatment for an injury, or simply have the desire to live a healthier lifestyle, you have come to the right place!

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Some patients only want their chiropractor to focus on pain relief, so we help them reach a pain-free state. Other patients choose health and wellness care, where we help relieve their pain and keep them healthier through periodic chiropractor visits and chiropractic treatments. Health and wellness patients are much less likely to suffer recurrence of their pain and enjoy other health benefits with regular care.

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With Eagan chiropractor to cure you, new patients come and get a $20 off on your first treatment. The regular price is $45 but as a welcome gift, we shall give an exclusive offer and discount which includes chiropractic therapy and adjustment.  We, as leading Eagan chiropractor care is well known for our treatment and be of help to you as well.

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Types of Chiropractic Treatments

Our Eagan chiropractic treatment mainly pays attention to taking care of your spine, neck and, joints and maintains the proper alignment which further allows the nervous system to operate to its best. Depending on your pain and injury, if any, some mild and moderate adjustment is done to realign all the joints that are stuck thus allowing the body to start repairing and balancing itself. The chiropractors here are specialists who offer a range of treatment types and work on to improve your nervous system.

With this therapy, we target all specific body parts including all joint pains and eradicate them.  We offer Chiropractor Eagan treatments on car accident injury, sports injury, sciatica, back pain, foot pain, neck pain, and wrist pain. To know more about the treatments, you need to do is set up an appointment with us by filling out the simple form wherein you feed your basic details or give us a call and schedule a consultation.


How Eagan Chiropractic Care can help you

Jay Pettis, working with us, is a leading chiropractor serving in the center in Eagan, greater Twin Cities, and MN metro, and is a licensed practitioner since 2004. Dedicating to chiropractic care for the wellness of health for the betterment of patients, he gives out individual concentration and guidance that provides pain relief. You are going to start better with our Eagan chiropractors at your bay. Once you talk to us explaining your pains and problems, we suggest you the treatments, which are then checked through periodic visits to make sure that your pain is improving. And with regular care and treatment, all the pain gets obliterated.

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See what some of our happy customers have to say...

What I like is that I don’t feel like I’m in a cold hospital environment there.  Dr. Pettis is a very sociable and likeable guy.  The environment is professional but easy going at the same time.

Dr. Jay is very easy to work with. He has a incredible knowledge of nutrition, sports rehabilitation, along with his amazing adjusting skills. I now understand my condition, and for the first time am seeing the results I have been looking for from my care.

He’s also very open to questions.  I imagine an adjustment from most chiropractors would make my back feel better, but I really appreciate the way he goes about his business.  I’ve had too many doctors who appear to not have time for you.

First a bike accident, then plantar fasciitis …. both times Dr. Jay diagnosed and treated my pain with first class service!  Excellent chiropractor and I would highly recommend Pettis Chiropractic for anyone!

Dr. Jay has treated me and my family for about 4 years now. We really appreciate his knowledge and expertise!

I went to Pettis Chiropractic at a recommendation of friend after a weekend of back pain.  Dr. Jay is everything that my friend said he was.  Whenever, I have called due a flare up, he has been able to work me into his schedule.

Everyone is different! No matter what chiropractic health and wellness plan you choose, we strive to be your chiropractor of choice. We look forward to providing you with excellent healthcare services, professional therapy and advice, and a level personal attention you won't find anywhere else.